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 Just for sharing.. from The Legendary Bro Siong..

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PostSubject: Just for sharing.. from The Legendary Bro Siong..   Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:53 pm

Advice FOR PUNTERS 101 from Bro Siong –
(Example 1) if u lost 600-700, given credit is 2K, den u bet 200(600 divide by 3) per match. Your loses must be half the given credit in order for you to divide your losses into 3 games. If not ask your pookie for more hence example below
(Example 2) if u lost 1500 and ur given credit is 2K den ask for another 1K credit from pookie. so u have at least half playing credit. den bet $500 per match.
(Example 3) what if after dividing the 3 games, 2 lose 1 win so total loses = rm800 now. so now take 800 divide 3 again? Yes, as long as you still have at least half your playing credit to follow. U need to smoothen out ur lost within 3 bets. meaning u recalculate ur lost and divide by 3..
(Advice 1) some1 asked how about winning liaoz... when u swim to blue sea already, divide ur given credit onto 6 parts. thats the amt u bet per match. mind u is given credit not ur winning or credit plus winning. after ur winning hit 50% of ur given credit, take ur winning divide by 3. that will be the amt u bet per match. reasons i will not elaborate.. after u ownself use this system liaoz u will understand it... (Advice 2) If you are betting with Bet365 or Ladbrokes or etc without any credit given, it’s the same thing, still divide your losses into 3 and bet accordingly. (Advice 3) Always bet the least num of game to win. MORE U BET MORE U LOST (Advice 4) a good game to punt is not 1 that have more den 3 goals.. most of the time we will miss the timing or even before the plate has drop to punt. A good game is 1 that has 2-3 goals. Thats the type we r lookin at.. those with many goals normally will kill u badly... (Explaination) Why i wan to play 2-3 goals game? reason simple the goal will come at the right time. FIrst half 15th -20th min. Second half 20th - 25th min. Ever wonder why the ding dong sound alwasy come together and den suddenlly all the running match in ur live score forum go quite? the reason is goal normally come at the timing i gave above. So in order to catch the train we go for 2-3 goals game. If raining goal, i tell u u wont be able to win. unless it rain till the last min. Coz the plate usually will be over 2 the total goals thats running. Understand ma??? (Advice 5 ) Lost what u can afford.. if not skip this week.... since u already cleared with him already. Let it go. Wait till ur pay is here to fight again. Betting not suppose to affect ur daily life. Especially relationship with friends and family.. its leisure..
(Additional Info) this system was develope by one of the king of gambler in macau..
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PostSubject: Re: Just for sharing.. from The Legendary Bro Siong..   Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:54 am

interesting tips, somebody tryied?
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Just for sharing.. from The Legendary Bro Siong..
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