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 From RicharLaw (Why Betting?)

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From RicharLaw (Why Betting?) Empty
PostSubject: From RicharLaw (Why Betting?)   From RicharLaw (Why Betting?) EmptySun Aug 14, 2011 1:40 pm

For punters who lose a lot since 5 years ago till now after starting to gamble may consider the below:

1. Ask yourself truthfully 1 simple question, do gambling really
help you to win more lose less? Or you are losing everything,win NOTHING
and in huge debt NOW? If your answer is the latter, which is WIN
nothing, you may consider the following;

2. Change any betting account password you holding now with junk
password 4398dshuxs32 and copy on every single bookmaker accounts you
have and erase off your copy of this password after saving the junk copy
on the accounts

3. Remove your bookies/runners hand phone numbers immediately
without 2nd thoughts, if possible change your new hand phone number,
keeping only related people’s number LIKE parent,relatives etc

4. Remove all the websites of betting such as live scores,handicap
odds and betting forums which you have bookmarked, FORMAT your computer
if possible after you backup useful personal personal information ONLY

5. After you have did point 2 and 4 , you will need to go for a
super cold flowered shower first and tell yourself this is the last time
you will gamble as what you have learnt from point 1 experience, go to
Google website and type “poverty in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand,
Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia etc”, CLICK search and
click on Images links. Look with your eyes BIG BIG for people outside,
how they are facing at old age and rethink again, you throw away money
just because you want a life of luxury and not born to suffer.But ak
yourself what will makes you think you will make money? If failed ,are
you going to lead this kind of life after 10 years later? Simply by
following tipsters like Richarlaw and other tipsters will make you rich
?I would say dream on .. there are no easy money and bookies are waiting
o kill every hours ..

6. If you are married, and above age of 40++ , I would suggest you
spend more "good,precious time" with your family and spouses , help them
to live their life to the happiest and fullest and don’t let gambling
ruined their life because of your addicts. This is selfish. Yes, I say
YOU are the cause of it,please do more good deeds now by giving them a
normal life like other humans and this will help you to lead a more
spirituous life!Curb your personal ego which kill you for years,ruin
most of us and you really must go to mirror and self reflect for smelly
smelly 20 minutes asking yourself few questions, am I doing the right
thing by gambling,owe money and shout at people when lose, vent anger
like a spoilt brat?

7. Next go to NTUC or workforce website, search/browse for your work
related courses and took it up ,if don’t have money, take a healthy
huge loan of 10k to 20k to “Dong first”, this loan is a turnaround for
you in next 5 years, plan your future is deciding on this.

8. If you don’t have any skillsets and know only how to gamble, then
go to job website and find what is the required qualifications for
certain jobs, take private courses first, self revision, buy a
dictionary, learn to listen to ANG MO radio if your English language
sucks, at the same time go for a short run/jog everyday to perspire this
will freshen you up a lot and move you on. Do not scare to step out,
every job make a good scholar. Keep body slimmer, don’t drink too much
beer at night, cut down on caffeine and put on a non hypocrisy smile to
all around you!!Yes. smile naturally and not fakely!! Rememember most
importantly DO NOT compare yourself with people driving MERZ,BMW, AUDI
and asking yourself why you ride bicycle!!!Everything has a reason
behind on life process , destint path, people you meet and make for and
it takes awhile for people to understand the rationale of it.

9. If you have children,remember to send your kid to childcare with
proper education and ensure they don't follow your footsteps as this is
a non turn back road and many hidden tricks to make people think of
"fake scenario earnings","fast money rewards" , teach your children work
hard for the money and live life to their fullest with the most
meaningful effort and not taking shortcuts for fast money and MUST
emphasis money do not grow on tree. Never quarrel or use vulgarites in
front of your kids or yell at your spouse because of money, work
unhappiness as this will project very bad image. Learn to be soft
speaking, be it at home, or with friends outside and colleagues at
work.( I am not a christian hor)

10. If you DON'T fall on point 6 ,go straight to point 7 ONLY and
you are still SINGLE , please do not simply just go Vietnam or Thailand
and get a girl home to marry as this will lead to the poor innocent girl
having a tough life with you , but of course you can do so if you have
decided to manage your life well. To avoid gambling thoughts from
arising and wash away the addicts , what you can do now, you can either
go to the North Bridge Road Community Centre where they have the KTV
lounge for $10 per person from 2pm to 6pm // 7pm to 11pm to wash your
time alone everyday OR you can meet up with friends who are non gamblers
and will not influence you for even a $1 dollar TOTO ticket, don’t be
surprise such person exist!!

11. Keep away from the "tools" of gamble and I can assure you that
you will enjoy life ever after all, be filial to your parent who brought
you to this world , you have a choice to live a good or bad life and no
one put a knife on your neck to ask you to bet , look at the kids in
Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Pakistan, India they fxxking
pitiful , don't even have a proper meal, female are smuggled to become
sex slaves , males are pulled to factory to work and their wages are
ONLY USD 1 to 20 dollar per month , no joke about this. So think hard,
if the rich open plates for you bet, do you think you stand a chance to
win? Think hard and repent. So imagine your kid so small and innocent
and suffering like this, where the fairness? Poverty and ignorant have
brought this world great misery, the women and kids are the most who
suffered due to the expense of their spouses

12. Guys who passed 40 years old and without much savings and money
are getting more and more common now in Singapore and Malaysia for
gamblers, the reason is very simple, more people love carefree life,
quick easy money, spend/shiok first think later mindset and the “pai
tao” (show off mentality) like having a big house and car , this
definitely will caused them to face sort of mid life crisis if their
value used up in work and replaced by youngster who getting more lower
than them in salary, can work faster,longer hours and more efficient.
Those above 55 years old who do not even have any savings or outspend
their savings, retort to "quick rememdy" by having sex with chicken with
no protection, their agendas are simple - death. but do they know their
acts will impact more when they are sick rather than not sick, society
problems arises, close relatives need to attend to them, high drugs
costs and if not detected with HIV which hidden inside will spread to
more innocent people who did not contcat it , such irresponsible acts
have been superbly on going for the past 10 years till now!!!

13. However I do hope these people don’t give up , just curb their
wasteful savings and turn to reality and more positive and do things
correctly, if this addict do not earn you money and harm your family,
what's the point, alot of them commit suicide to escape reality like
jump from high storeys, burning coal in car/hotel, taking sleeping
pills, self hanging and pull the trigger on the head, but I can fxxking
tell you all's not a solution... Life is a interlinked procss
with KARMA,some may not reborn as human liao as due to many complicated
issues ,but if you still happen to be reborn you will still need to
repay back 1 by 1, so why not start doing things that make sense and
with some good deeds/thoughts and minimize your harms to little and
repay your parent and spouse for their kindness and understanding. so

14. Move on with the choices given. if you are those in dire straits
which you cannot to take anymore loans , do not go to ah long with 5
lines and roll between them , this will snowball more and is very
"stupid" to do that, my gamble brothers even go COURTS buy instalment
stuffs and resell it cheaper to gamble and run the COURTS loan too. Do
not try all these, kindly tell your debtor to give ur time grace to
repay back slowly and don’t resort to killing , stealing , robbing ,
cheating which are high rising cases recently ..Just a moment of folly
will land you in very bad state!!Last time I used to have a very wilful
mindset, since I am already rotting let it worsen, anyway nobody
cares!!!Eliminate this mindset, although human is individualist BUT do
not habour such thoughts!!

15. When you decide to gamble, do always prepare to lose the "80%
sure lose" money, there are no such things as "Hope", "Pray hard", "Good
luck", "Double up" , ”Heng Heng”, “Chun Chun”, “Recovery” etc, if you
want to rely on all these self proclaimed and assumed mentalities, I can
tell you that many people will not need to work till their underwear
sticky and super wet wet liao , these hardworking people normally will
wake up at 5am to bath, dress and rush to work, go MRT quickly chop 1
seat and sleep till the destination stop, later go home tired at 11pm
and these goes on for years. So wake up dear punters , take it
as leisure and not occupations , do not lead a "win smile lose borrow
money " life , be a man of responsible and work hard to support family.

16 .Lastly, my personal school of thought – If every gambler can
donate $1 from their every invested $100 bet, they can help those poor
countries people x 50 times than now, unfortunately due to selfishness,
self sufficient mindsets, the current society create a trend the such
avoidance of such people who only TAKE AND WILL NOT GIVE and end of the
day, foolishly,these money of billions will fall into hands of
government toteboards, syndicate betting webs and bookies betting
houses, these people will only self comfort themselves with a word,
"UNLUCKY". I also believe this is why the legendary word "HUAT HARRR!!"
came about...however it seem to be spread from the mouth of
synidcates,bookies when they are celebrating their success,counting
their winnings and 1 poor punter just happen to overheard and this is
why it is so widespread till nowsaday..mistakenly creating a illusion
that betting is a SURE WIN THINGY... Smile

17. Do click to join my team ELIMINATE HYPOCRITES, it was created
with a significant meaning from the day I step out to work in factory at
age of 14 then to office at age of 22, I have been stabbed by many many
colleagues and people due to my sincere ignorance and blur honesty, may
sound like shit and you maybe already puking , I can assure you that
every words are from my bottom of my heart, people have change to be
selfish, greedy, snobbish, hidden, hypocrisy,bastard,belittling, egoist,
bad and evil. But my intention here is to share my thoughts and feel to
let everyone knows I hate HYPOCRITES who comprises all these
effects,they insulted me, outcast me, laughed at me... if you felt the
same way as me and truly agreed , DO JOIN MY TEAM , if you happen to
know you are also a stinking hypocrite as mentioned then do repent as
turn back is the shore... Smile to join also ..
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From RicharLaw (Why Betting?)
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